Excuse Me, But You Forgot Your Bookcase

Excuse Me, But You Forgot Your Bookcase

Picture finding the perfect house. You’re offer was excepted, your financing is secured, and the home inspection went very well. You’re a final walk-through away from getting the keys, when you realize that the seller left behind an enormous bookshelf that takes up two-thirds of your new guest room.

Such occurrences are rare, but not uncommon. Sellers may leave behind a too big sofa that they managed to get into the house years ago, but now cannot fathom how to get it out. Buyers often neglect to specify in their sales contract the removal of all furniture. It’s commonly considered a given that the previous owners will remove all of their personal items. Typically the contract will state that the Seller leave the premises in broom swept condition. Clearly these terms need to be more specific.

So what do you do when you move into your new place and find a museum-sized collection of old snow globes have been left in the basement?

If you’re post-closing, unfortunately you’ve just inherited a bunch of snow globes. But if you’re pre-closing, call your agent and your attorney. Make the removal of the offending items a provision of the contract before closing. If the items are large and would cost a considerable amount of time and/or money to remove, ask that funds to do so be put in escrow, or credits issued from the purchase price to cover the expense.

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